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Dear Michael -

I have caught my husband masturbating in the shower. I thought we had a really good sex life. I give him blow jobs from time to time and am always available for him. Am I not doing something I should be?


Dear Lisa -

I seriously doubt it. There are so many different reasons why men masturbate. 98% of single men masturbate and well over 50% of married men do.

Here are some of the reasons why men masturbate.

1.) To release stress: When men orgasm the body relaxes and this helps release stress.

2.) To release the sexual tension: Testicles produce semen on a regular basis. Every minute the semen adds up. This generates sexual tension. When a women is not around masturbation is a natural way to release this built up sexual tension.

3.) To avoid wet dreams: If a man does not release semen from the testicles on a daily basis he can get wet dreams. Wet dreams are dreams when the semen comes out during sleep - not entirely pleasant to wake up to.

4.) To block out unwanted thoughts: When a man is self stimulating his organs, he pretty much forgets all problems in his life for some time. It is just like sex. Masturbation is a form of meditation

5.) To live out fantasies: Masturbation allows the man to live out sexual fantasies that he could never carry out with his wife or girlfriend. 

6.) To produce healthy off-springs: Masturbation allows the man body to expel the "old" sperm and generate higher quantity newer sperm.

7.) To get sleep: Masturbation makes a man feel tired and sleepy just like sex.

8.) To avoid blue balls: Blue balls typically happens when a man has been aroused for a while without releasing his semen, which results in pain in the testicles. The only way to avoid this is to release semen from the balls

9.) To feel confident while speaking to girls: Removing sexual tension can sometimes make a man more comfortable while speaking to girls

10.) To exercise the penis: It is true that what you dont use, you lose. If a men does not have regular erections, it is possible that his penis size will slightly shrink. Masturbation can help create the penis in good health.

11.) To avoid erection at odd times: Masturbation before going to work (or out on a date) can ensure that a man is not susceptible to erections during inappropriate times.

12.) To keep body healthy: Masturbation can release pleasure hormones that can keep the body healthy.

13.) To forget about pain: Pain in certain areas of the body like muscle crams can vanish when a man orgasms after masturbation.

14.) Only way to go when ill: Being ill directly means a man cannot have sexual contact with anyone. In this case masturbation is the only resort.

15.) Instant gratification: Masturbation is a fast act and gets over in minutes giving the man instant gratification.

16.) Non messy way to having sex: With a cloth on hand (or a place to shoot your load), there is no mess involved and the semen can be cleaned easily afterwards.

17.) Less loss of energy: Less loss of energy as compared to a sexual act.

18.) Safe and secure: No risk of STDs.

19.) No need to wear a condom.

20.) Easy to clean up and get back to work.

21.) No feeling of guilt for finishing early: Men donít have to make excuses to anyone for finishing up early.

22.) Can hold the feeling longer: Masturbation can be prolonged for as long as the man wishes. Man has better control here as compared to a sexual act.

23.) It feels fantastic. Nothing wrong with that.   In fact, many men crave hand jobs more than they crave blow jobs.  You might want to get a copy of my Stroke by Stroke which tells you specifically how to give a man amazing hand jobs that will give him even more intense orgasms than a blow job will.  It is a special bonus to those who download my Blow by Blow ebook.

** Masturbation can become an unhealthy addiction. Please refrain from masturbating if it is taking away intimacy from your wife. Practice with care. **

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