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Dear Michael -

I am not sure if this is common or not, but my partner told me that my nipples have a distinct taste. He didn't say it was "bad," but I can tell that it is and that it would be more enjoyable for him, as well as for me, if this wasn't an issue. I was wondering if you have any ideas on how I can either change something I'm doing to make them naturally taste better or if there is anything I can use to cover up the taste. Thanks for your help--I always look forward to reading your suggestions and recommendations.
(please keep this anonymous)


Dear Anonymous -

Skin does taste. Sometimes it tastes like sweat. Sometimes it takes on a flavor of the food you have been eating. And in some circumstances, women can even produce tiny amounts of milk that sour in their nipples even if they are not breastfeeding.

Nearly every man loves having a soft breast in his mouth. So, if you combine the feeling with something that is tasty, you will thrill your man.  Whipped cream is a well known nipple topping.  There are also liqueurs (brandy, Kahlua, Irish Cream, etc.)  Fruit nectars can be delightful to lick and suck off.  A tiny bit of vanilla dabbed on the nipples is absolutely fantastic.  Have fun!


Reader's responses:

I don't know if this has happened, but it could be that her partner had deodorant on and while caressing her, his arm pit rubbed onto her nipple. The sodium chlorhydrate in deordorant tastes really bad. This has happened to my husband and I a couple of times and believe me, it tastes terrible.






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