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Dear Lovemaking Answers:


My question is regarding prescription drugs & oral sex. My husband takes blood pressure/cholesterol meds, however, my blood pressure is on the low side, as is my total cholesterol. How much of his meds might be in his semen? I've noticed there are medications men take that women aren't even supposed to touch. If your husband is on
certain prescription meds, can oral sex be dangerous?

Thanx much,
Just Wondering

A man's semen contains sperm as well as other fluids which can contain trace amounts of chemicals that have been taken by him. Not all drugs though can be passed through semen
and the amount of the drug would be minute at best. Your best bet is to call his doctor or pharmacist and let them advise you on the particular medication he is taking.





This is a really good question and one I had to go and do some research on before coming up with an answer. The broad answer is 'no', you should be just fine. The specific answer is that there might be a small amount of the drugs that could transmit to you, either in his saliva if he is giving you oral, or in his pre-ejaculate, if you are giving him oral, but that small amount should not be sufficient to pose any risk to you. I do suggest that if he gives you oral that you clean up as soon as possible afterwards and the same if you give him oral. That would cut down an already low risk even further.

If you are still concerned I would approach your family doctor with the prescriptions and ask their advice - they will have a better idea of the risks, if there are any.





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