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Dear Michael -

I need some help. I married this woman who is younger then me. She is great in bed but she says she can be a lot better if I talk dirty to her. Tell me some of things I should say to her.

I love her dearly and I want to make her the happiest that I can.

- Anonymous

Dear Anonymous -

All women are different. But with 99% certainty, she wants to hear that she is beautiful and that she excites you.  Some women like it told to her softly and poetically.  Others want it more raw. 

I asked my readers to share what THEY like.


Calling me by my name and not pet name is incredibly sexy
followed by "You feel good, so good baby..."

I want to _____________ you

I'm going to _____ to make you feel good, lose your mind..


I love it when my husband tells me what a f*cking whore or slut I am in bed, or that I love cock.

I love to be told to suck his cock and encourages me to suck him good. Lot of moans from him while I am sucking make me hotter.

This guy needs to understand that his wife may be a lady out of the bedroom but she is his whore when she is in his bed.

Sounds as if she has a slight submissive streak, for fun he should get her a collar, there is nothing like being fucked doggie style while your man hangs on to your collar for dear life. Collars don't have to be unattractive, I wear a silver chain collar from Tiffany's with a small lock. When I wear it in public no one has any idea what it really means. I only wear it when I choose to. But I do love it when my husband tells me to go get my collar, I know I am getting ready to crawl between his legs and give both of us some pleasure.

By the way, after 39 years of marriage, sex just gets better and hotter.


Here are a few things my wife really loves to hear.
While performing oral on your female partner tell her how awesome her "pussy" tastes & feels in you mouth. Express to her how hot and inviting her pussy feels.

My wife loves to hear me tell her how much she loves my cock as well as how much cock she will get when we add the use of a vibrator as well as a dildo. My wife craves my cock and the toys at the same time and I ask her over and over, " do you want more cock, tell me how much cock you want in your hot wet pussy after I eat it" I found that my wife likes to be as dirty as I do so the more I vocalize what is so awesome about her hot spots she gets hotter and hotter and she will then start talking to me the same way. Then she gets so fucking hot she wants all the cock we have to put inside herself. She can't get enough and our sexual experience is unbelievable. Sometimes she will beg and say, "Please give me two cocks at once, I just want to get fucked and suck a cock at the same time and don't stop!" We love each other so much that we don't want to invite others to join in to add more cock so we just have our collection of toys available and the experience in just incredible!!


When in doggy style position say to her to "take this dick!" Tell her how you are going to make her cum all over your penis... Sorry if a little to graphic. I like it when my husband says these things to me.


I love it when my husband says "You are so beautiful" and "You are so damn sexy!" "You turn me on so much." This makes me so hot for him. Also I like it when he gives that low growl when he's pawing at me. Hope that helps



Reader's responses: DIRTY TALK MEN LIKE TO HEAR

I love it when she says my name over and over again, and get's higher pitched as I bring her to the big O. Also when she's really descriptive of how she'd like me go down on her. Of course, just saying something like "I want you in me" is good too.


Every guy, and I mean EVERY guy loves to here his woman beg for it. When she says "give it to me" she really gets it. Every woman should learn how to say these four words several different ways. She can be almost whispering it, screaming it, begging it, or softly kissing me saying it.


My hubby likes for me to call him a "mother fu*ker" (after all, he is LOL) I like to be called his slut and when i say "make me your slut" he really gets turned on. He likes for me to talk about my body parts that feel good like tell him "my clit is throbbing for you to lick it" and "my pussy wants to eat your cock."

Of course, these are all things reserved for hot sex times. He would never call me a slut or I call him mother fu*ker at other times. He treats me like a queen, especially when he is satisfied on a regular basis.


Whispered in my ear during the day, or spoken quietly over the cell phone, I'd love to hear things like --

I'm smiling because I'm thinking how great it was the last time we made love.

I can't stop thinking about how wonderful your cock is when it's inside me.

I'm still amazed at how God chose to equip you with what I need to be so satisfied.

While gently stroking my cock, "what an amazing thing your cock is"

Talk during sex is great, of course, but statements like this build up a man's confidence and let him feel like "he's doing his job" in satisfying his woman.


I like it when we play "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails and my husband tells me he wants to penetrate me...and wants to fuck me like an animal. We've been married 32 years and NIN music is the best for lovemaking!





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