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Dear Michael :

Hi, may I ask what is the best position for sex that between us will be satisfied.

And also may I ask what are the sex positions to get pregnant. Because we are six years of married but until now, we do not have a child.

- Rosalie

Dear Rosalie -

There are a lot of myths regarding positions to get pregnant. Honestly, I don't think lovemaking positions really matter all that much in terms of getting pregnant. If you want to give the "little swimmers" a little boost, you can always bring your knees up to your chest for a minute after your husband comes.

Now, regarding sex positions for pleasure. This is often a matter of personal taste and often depends on the size/shape of each person and their body parts.  What might be joyful for one might be painful for another.

Perhaps I should ask my readers to share what lovemaking positions they like best and why.  I'll keep them anonymous and post them on my website next week for everyone to read. - Michael


My favorite sex position often changes depending on my mood. If I am looking for something slow, sweet and intimate, I like to be on top so we can look into each others eyes, kiss, have my breasts fondled and sucked,  and control the speed. sometimes, after a difficult day, we are looking for release and then we love it doggy style, a little rough with hair pulling and spanking and a little fantasy talk goin on!! I am pregnant now and the belly does not get in the way in these positions. Missionary is not possible right now but it is my least favorite anyway!





I think you hit the nail on the head when you said it depends. It's a matter of exploring what works for both parties. My personal favorite is any variation of doggy style. He & I both have access to the "important" areas; both mine & his. Each position definitely has it's benefits...





Hello, I am daring to write, actually my hubby encouraged me to write. The lovemaking position that we like is when I sit on him, facing him. After I am satisfied that I have enjoyed that a bit, I lay back. His feet are towards my head, I am between his legs with my legs over his and my feet toward his head.

I like this because he can really get me going with his fingers or a little vibrator on my clit while I touch my nipples....

He likes it because he lasts longer.



The one we enjoy - with my girl on her back, legs up in front resting on my shoulders. This gives easy deep penetration and allows both our hands to be free to explore more.




My favourite sex position is her on top, at the couch... mmm... me sitting and her on her knees, facing me! Great visual!!!
She loves to lay on her side, facing me with her lower knee up high, & holding each other while "connected"! And move slow... kiss... gaze into each other eyes... appreciating the other person giving so... WOW!!! I like a pillow above her knee as I'm laying on her leg and the pillow makes a "level" area for me.



My guy and I both like when I am on top. We often have a candle burning in the room (which is very flattering lighting) and me being on top gives him all access view to the show! It leaves his hands empty so that he may touch whatever he would like. Plus I can grab his hands for balance, to pin them above his head, or just because I love his hands. I also have control. I can be on my knees grinding at whatever speed I want, I can be on my feet over him squatting up and down (using his hands for balance) to give him a great show to watch (and incredible penetration for me) or I can turn around and go reverse cowgirl.

It is a position that allows both to get what they need. The guy can see everything and the girl get to control speed and angles so that everything gets stimulated. It is our favorite by far!!!



We like it when the woman lies on her back with legs way up, then the man enters like missionary position but scooches his knees up. So that he's basically standing on his knees with his back straight up. Then he can pull up my behind towards him and hold onto my hips or grab my inner thighs if you like it rougher. My legs are spread open so anyone can reach my clit at
the same time. We really like this because it makes the penis really hard and really get to the G spot.



A fun lovemaking position is what we call the "Horizontal Doggie" and can virtually guarantee a simultaneous orgasm!: Man lies on his back with his legs spread, knees bent and feet flat on the bed.  The woman, facing away from him, is on her hands (or elbows) and knees between his legs, her legs passed under his bent knees. This position hits her G-spot very nicely and what a wonderful sight with all her glory right there for the man to see as she rides him!  Stimulation can be increased with her lowering her head to the bed, reaching through her legs and with one hand,
tickle/massage his scrotum or grab/squeeze the base of his member and with her other hand tickle herself. Likewise, there is ample opportunity for the guy to please his lover with the anal insertion of a finger or toy.

Note: With her legs in-between his, it squeezes her vaginal walls together, making her seem tighter than usual, and him more endowed.  This is a particularly fun position for couples who have had children.  


The position that I like best is "doggie" because for me it is a deeper penetration plus when he rubs my back during it is all the more sensual feeling.



I am sure you will get many responses to this, and I am sure they will vary from couple to couple and from man and woman. Here are some of my/our favorites:

We have been married 15 years and are currently pregnant for the 8th time. As I get larger we tend to stay with spooning or doggy-style once my belly is too large for anything else. In my non-pregnancy state I try and stay slender, so that I can be flexible in bed!

We both love it when I am on top, whether my DH is lying down or sitting on a couch/chair. It is great for me because I get to determine the speed, and depth of penetration. Also my DH gets to touch/play/suck on my breasts which is a huge turn on for me. I can orgasm multiple times when I am on top. But it slows his ejaculation down so we can go for longer.

Another position we both love is doggy style. I kneel but keep my upper body off the bed (almost against his, or prop my front up against the couch). In this position DH can penetrate as deeply as when I am on top, but he controls the speed. Because I am upright, he can fondle the breasts. It leaves my hands free to feel his penis pumping in and out and also stimulate my clitoris - also bringing on intense orgasms.

We do the missionary style with a slight twist. I lie on my back with my legs together, and sometimes crossed at the ankles. He penetrates me, and his legs straddle mine, helping them stay in place. It makes the vaginal area very tight, and allows for maximum stimulation.

As an aside, with this last pregnancy I got tired of trying to see 'down under' to shave (used to try and shave just enough so that I could wear a swimsuit without hair poking out!) and then trying to clip the rest, so last week I just shaved it all down to nothing. LOVE IT!!!! First of all it feels more hygienic and secondly, when DH goes down on me, or fondles me, I am more sensitive to his touch.

Love your tips - thanks!


You and your guy are standing and you're against a wall or in a doorway. Both of you are naked from the waist down. He takes his rock-hard cock and starts to rub it on the outside of your labia. When your juices start to flow, he gets inside the labia but not inside the vagina and moves his cock up and down so that his head and your vagina are getting something close to wet friction. A quick up and down motion that is making a quick burning sensation in both of you. When he finally shoots his load, he shoots it into your urethra instead of your pussy. The feel of two hot liquids running down both of your legs is one of the hottest things you've ever felt. The best part is that after you have recovered, you do it again.

Now, I know that the description isn't all that flashy, but it isn't on "seeing" but "feeling". The only thing that I can compare this kind of feeling is like taking hold of a zipper and moving it up and down as fast as possible. The only difference is the most sensitive spot on a male's cock is running along one of the most sensitive spots on a female's pussy. The constant rubbing motion sends waves of heat through your body and when I did it to my ex gf, she had to brace herself on the doorway. After we had done this thing the third time, we were both so weak from having to support our own weight while putting out so much energy. We lay down on her bed and then for 45 minutes, I moved in and out of her without cumming but building a steady pressure till finally I had to stop moving slowly and started to go in as fast and far as I could. With a shudder that went from my head to my toes (and made them cramp), I exploded inside her and the load was so big that within seconds it was leaking back out of her and combining with her own cum. It was the best 3 hours I'd ever had with her.




My wife likes the cowgirl on top position best.  She likes to control if from there, speed and depth.  I like anything where I enter her from behind....enjoy everything about being on the backside and reaching around!!  But actually too for us, it is all good just to be inside of her and her to have cock inside of her!!




We are a fan of the "doggy-style" position. Not only does it allow for the deepest penetration but it is a wonderful sensation for both partners. Not to mention the animalistic mindset that the man gets to enjoy by "taking" his lady. Also, it saves time if you want/need a quickie. If you are in the mood for slow, sensual love-making you could try laying on your sides and "spooning". True, you don't get maximum penetration but your husband can stimulate your clitoris as he thrusts in and out of you setting up both partners for a mind-blowing orgasm. To spice things up you could lay down (mostly on your side) and have your partner lift your top leg, put one leg on each side of your leg, that is still on the bed, and make love to you that way. It is a different position and you both get a different view. With a little effort you could watch him sliding in and out of you, he gets to see every emotion on your face and you are free to play with whatever part of your body you like.



Not sure exactly what its called, but I'm on my back and he'll put both my legs, bent, to one side of him and then I almost turn on my side, relax, and get hit in all the right places!


My favorite position of all time is the 69 post position with me, the guy on the bottom and my lovely lady on top.  Doing each other - or even me being on the receiving end of oral joy at all, is not even the main reason - I need to be the giver orally anyway.  Its mainly the visual aspect.  Her lovenest is just so beautiful, sensual and enticing visually in this position... being nestled between her thighs right there above my face.  It's also perfect for giving her head.  You can easily focus on her clit, lick the entire area and length easily, or bury your tongue deep within her and tongue f--- her into bliss.  Yumm!!! on all counts!



Am kind of a shy person so i love it when he puts it in me from behind and plays with my clitty. this way i get to enjoy the sex coz i can make faces and scream all i want without caring that i look ugly when cumming. its also a great position to access the g-spot.




I find that the only two that really work between me and mygirlfriend are the missionary and doggystyle. This is because cowgirl and such don't give enough stimulation to for my penis, because of lack of hip-movement such as thrusting (and some other positions just don't work, because I can't get it in far enough for it to stay inside her, despite it being 17 cm (6.5 inches) long, because she's a little bit chubby). Missionary lovemaking position is the best of those two because of the intimacy of face to face.



Our favorite sex position without any doubt is my wife on top.  She can control the "action" any way she wants and ensure an orgasm, while I always last longer - gravity, perhaps??  Anyway, after she comes, when I finally do, it's always an amazingly good orgasm.  We vote for "wife on top" when it comes to the best sex position for both of our pleasure!


I like to be on top because it gives him room to touch my nipples and finger me at the same time . The pleasure I receive is just indescribable !!  I also like from the back, because of the same reason.



Concerning the tips on positions, i would suggest the 'lotus' one where you sit on your husband's lap and close your legs behind him.  It is so romantic and in this lovemaking you can rub your whole body at the same time which gives both of you more pleasure than just lying down.  Oh by the way, i think men do like it when women are on top than they like to admit :)




I asked my husband which position he really enjoyed and his answer was "It's a tie". His two favorites are traditional style, but with my legs wrapped around his and the other was from behind with my bottom in the air and my head resting on the bed.

With the first favorite lovemaking position we feel much closer together. It's great for me too because there's more rubbing (something that's a must for me to climax) The second was because he feels more and it's a real turn on from that point of view.\




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