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Dear Michael -

I wanted to ask u the question about porn women who have a guy do them anally then they or the other one in the three way sucks it on it some more. Then back in the rumper after they've lubed it back up with their spit.

Exchanging traces of feces from (believe this is called "ATM- Ass to mouth")? I've never been with a girl that wanted me in her mouth after I just finished being there. Now were supposed to wash after we go to the bathroom for sanitation. So how can they go from anal to vagina to mouth like these cats do in pornos. Wont they get sick or run risks of infections. Yea guy has his fingers in her butt, then she sucks on them???

The rectum and vagina are two separate tubes, not one central waste delivery area. This has Hepatits B and all the risks stuff feces has connected to it. What have you heard from others about this? This is just risky right?


Dear Joe -

Ass to Mouth (ATM or A2M) is just plain nasty.  It is risky and stupid, not to mention demeaning.  It has absolutely NOTHING to do with a loving, intimate act.

Yes, whoever puts that finger or penis in their mouth (or vagina) after touching the anus is at a very serious risk of dozens of diseases, bacteria and parasites.

This is just another example of why porn is a very bad educator on lovemaking.

If you want to know what real, satisfying lovemaking is for both parties, I'd encourage you to check out my Virtuoso Lover series.


Reader's responses:

Oh the fun perils of porn.

According to the vast magnitude of them floating around,
women should be up for almost any act from sorority lesbian
gang bangs to sex with farm animals. :-)

Most porn films are made with multiple cameras. They shoot for hours what it take to get those "shots" for the final "edited" movie. The film makers job is to get stuff of fantasy fodder ~ thus the appeal.

Nothing is out of bounds and therein lies the issue with
men (or women) watching them and thinking, "oh yeah... this must be normal and i've just been the only one missing out".

Anal sex for the common woman who wishes to try it, takes time, patience and practice. Not to mention a heavy dose of lubrication and a relaxation.

A woman can get a bacterial infection from just quickly wiping the wrong direction after using the restroom (from back to front).

I'm pretty sure most women you will meet in real life who will
be willing to give themselves to you via the back door -
won't be real eager to have an ass lollipop for dessert.

Letting her suck on your CLEAN fingers while you have one inside her is a great sensation ... and ... no one's going to need to see a doctor afterwards.


It's really odd that I would read this question just a day after I read something from Playboy magazine. One article in particular caught my attention. The female author made several points as to why anal sex in porn movies almost always is done with an entire bottle of lube. Simply because the ass hole of the woman isn't as smooth as purported and because if it's going to be anal, the penis must go in. i.e. The show must go on.

Based on that bit of advice (and the fact that she mentioned that the porn stars have to have gone without eating for a day so that there won't be being pushed out), I would think that unless the porn star actually enjoyed it, you'll simply be paying for the pain that was produced.



Your tips and insights are incredibly invaluable. More couples need to avail themselves of those practical, useful and proven tips. I'm sure if they did they wouldn't be looking to use the one part of the human body that has a singular specific use (elimination) when there are so many other places that are suitable and acceptable for recreation.

I have to shake my head at so many people asking for better ideas on anal sex and ATM when I can look out my window and see that the animals in nature have sense enough to play and forage everywhere on my property except on the septic tank; which they avoid completely. That's an object lesson if ever I saw one...

Keep up the good work so that people will continue to learn from "Virtuoso Lover", "Blow by Blow" and "Lick by Lick". Each of those will help anyone become more skilled in lovemaking, enjoying it much more so they don't feel the need to play where it's not safe or good.

Susan K.
from WV




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